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Report and results for last weekends Oxfordshire Young Athlete League together with London marathon results. 
                                   OXFORDSHIRE YOUNG ATHLETE LEAGUE
You can down load the full results here
Banbury Harriers claimed a number of excellent individual wins and solid second team places in both the girl and boy teams in the under fifteen and under seventeen age groups on Sunday. This was in the first fixture of the Oxfordshire Young Athlete League at Tilsley Park Abingdon.
 The wins came in all directions Liam Grieveson gained a sprint double in the under seventeen age group as did Felix Noble in the under thirteen’s. In the jumps under thirteen Eve Hawkins completed a double in the long and high jump. Also Rebecca Scott in the high jump matched her fifth place UK ranking clearance of 1m 53cm of last year, this time as a under fifteen. This despite limited training over the winter months, which should be increased in the coming months.
 The under seventeen’s age group also produced brace of wins for Alfie Rowett in the “B” sprint races and Samantha Phillips in the 80metre hurdles. Shannon Parker and Nathan Grieveson also gained solid points in their events.
 The under fifteen’s age group produced wins for Naomi Anderson and Jake Stickley in the 100metres both in personal best times. Jordon Dunn did likewise in the 200metres and Helen Dubber in the 75metre hurdles. Abbey Anson, Paige Cooper and Emily Thompson joined forces with Anderson to win the 4x100metre relay.
 If not team wise as strong as the older age groups the under thirteen’s also had other individual wins. Victoria Harte lowered her personal best to 12.8s when easily winning the 70metre hurdles. Zoe Pollock won the 100metres and Tia Williams the 1500metres. In the boys Charlie Yates won the long jump.
 This Sunday at the North Oxon Academy a combined Banbury and Bicester under 17/20 team start their National Young Athlete League campaign
After suffering a number of casualties due to the cold weather and injury only 2 athletes from our club made it to London this year.
Philip Vincent was the first home in 1683rd place and a time of 3.04.28 giving him 365th position in the vet 40 age group. Peter Grieveson had to slow in the second half due to stomach cramps but was still able to record a time of 3.25.53 giving him 4011th position and 579th in his age group.
When you see thousands of runners in a big city marathon like London  then it seems as though it must be easy.  If you are looking to run to the best of your ability then IT IS NOT. Even just getting to the start line has involved months of long distance training in all weathers including snow, ice, rain and sun whilst keeping injury and illness free. Getting anything wrong in the last week can spell disaster, from eating the wrong food to being late to the start. After the gun goes off the problems continue. Pace judgement, How much to drink? What to eat? Pace is the biggest problem. Go off too fast in a 800m and it's over quick and you can do another tomorrow. Do the same in a marathon and you can look forward to 2 or 3 hours of hell and at least a month after to recover, that is if you don't pick up an injury on the way.
Having said the above, with  a little hard work most people can do a marathon and if you are a road runner to start with then so much the better. You don't have to go for a time but if you are a road runner and haven't done London then "you haven't lived".
Kieth Smith & my self are off to Stratford for their marathon next Sunday, and we will need all the luck in the world to get it right. 
Phil Coy       
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