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A few notes from the bike ride on Sunday
Last week end (July 14th) team Banbury harriers ventured into the world of cycling and the Broughton challenge. This was a 37 mile circular bike ride through the Cotswold villages turning back at Morton in the Marsh. It was decided to get there early and be one of the first groups off. We all arrived at 7.30 but by the time the girls talking had slowed down enough to get a word in edgeways there was a big queue to start off. We joined the queue but there was an immediate breakaway with Lisa’s group forging ahead. We just managed to catch them (with the help of a marshal) and get to the start together.
 The first problem of the day was with Kerry. She had been bouncing up and down so much with excitement she had forced her saddle down which meant she was banging her knees on her nose and getting nowhere fast. A quick engineering break solved that problem and we were back on the road.
Ros and the boys broke away from the main field and forged ahead.  Unfortunately the lads followed a cyclist who didn’t know the route & took them 4 miles out of the way before they realised.
The main field was setting such a blistering pace that it took 11 miles before the support car driven by Ken and navigated by Michelle managed to catch up. They spent the rest of the day bickering about who was to blame. After that it seemed that every corner we went round they were in the middle of the road cameras in hand, then nearly forcing us in the ditch as they sped past to the next photogenic spot.
Andy was worried about the big climbs so he came up with the perfect excuse, “I can’t get the low gears on my bike”. He complained. Then he promptly fell off whilst standing still. Having your feet strapped onto the pedals when not moving is never a good idea. Unfortunately for him there was a bike shop at the half way stop and they sorted most of the gears out or he may have had to abandon the tour.
After the halfway point there was a big breakaway with Trish & Lisa making a bid for victory. Trish was first to the top of col de Whychford after fighting through the crowds on the lower slopes. (Ken, Michelle, Jim & Jean) The yellow jersey group put in a stirring chase in the latter stages and would have caught them if they had not stopped to admire the poppy fields outside Broughton.
As it was a bike ride not a race there were no awards at the end but if there had been my votes would have been for:-
Domestique - Joint winners Rebecca for organising it and helping us get through the whole thing. And Ros for coming back with the same number of lads she started with.
Team - Banbury Harriers (we were all winners)
Green jersey - points winner – no one (There was no point to it)
Stage winner – Lisa (for raising over £400 for air ambulance)
Polka dot jersey - King of the mountains – Trish (I’m not saying she is small but she treats a mole hill as a 4th cat climb)
Maillot jaune (yellow jersey) Joint winners Phil  & Ros (the only ones who owned anything yellow).
White jersey for best young rider- Kerry

Two new prizes being the “White hat” for Trish for the excellent lunch afterwards and the “brown stick” to Andy to keep him upright when standing still.

Banbury harriers lead out train

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