Report on indoor games


The indoor games in birmingham

                                                                     BIRMINGHAM   GAMES

Abbey Anson and Felix Noble were the pick of sparkling performances from the eight Banbury Harrier athletes at the Birmingham Games indoor athletics, held in NIA on Sunday.

   Anson showed now she has added a couple of inches in height and also body strength her power of speed as increased immensely. This was portrayed to the full at Sundays meeting, she possibly inspired by the previous days Grand Prix meeting. When running in the under fifteen girl’s 60metres she recorded the fastest time of the three heats with a time of 8.27seconds.

 Noble in the corresponding boy, race’s and easily the youngest in this age group recorded the third fastest 60metres in the four heats with a time of 8.20seconds. He then went one better in the 200metres negotiating the sloping track for the first time to record 27.08seconds in his heat.

 Shana Parker produced a winning run in her heat of the senior woman’s 60metres and her sister Shannon recorded a useful 4m 48cm in the long jump.

 Paige Cooper won her heat in the under fifteen girl’s 60metre hurdles with a time of 10.53seconds.

  There were also personal bests for Helen Dubber, Jennie Cook and Alfie Rowett in their 60metre races.

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