Oxon junior league


results and report

Here are the results for the Oxfordshire junior league match at Horspath on Sunday 13-04-14 results


                                               OXFORDSHIRE TRACK AND FIELD LEAGUE


The high performance of individuals from Banbury Harrier’s young athletes outweighed the      distinctive lack of numbers in some of age groups, in the first Oxfordshire Track and Field league held on Sunday at Horspath.

 The under seventeen boy’s certainly can match the best in the league in most events. Alfie Rowett won both the “A” string 100and 200metres and also gained an excellent second in the long jump. He was supported by good second places in the “B” races by Nathan Grieveson and Michael Quinn. These two also gained a mixture of first or seconds in the throwing events.

Luke Sherlock easily won the 800metres and finished second in the 400metres. This foursome then ran away with the 4x100relay.

 The under seventeen girls worked hard to finish third on the day. Wins were scarce but the sprinting of Naomi Anderson and high jumping of Sam Phillips stood out and to be admired.

 The under fifteen girls short of at least three strong points scorers still finished second and with the additions will prove a strong unit.

 Rebecca Scott collected three first places winning “A” string high jump and 300metres and the “B”string long jump.  Evie Hawkins also gained wins in both the two jumps as did Helen Dubber in the 100metres and Victoria Harte in the “B”75metre hurdles. Good support came from Shannon Dawes and Lily Hamp and the girls won the 4x100mtres relay in style.

 The under fifteen boys short in numbers was certainly emphasized. This was offset by Jake Stickley winning the long jump and the sprinting of Jordon Dunn and Felix Noble. The three plus Charlie Yates then added a win in the 4x100metres relay.

In the younger age groups Matilda Donaghy won the 800metres and under eleven Christopher Charles stood out above all in this age group.

Emelina Darvell and Tegan Armstrong also produced more than satisfactory performances. 

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