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The club is in need of more qualified officials
The Club is in desperate need of additional officials, across all age groups, but particularly in relation to the U17+ athletes, and Field discipline. Across the County, numbers of officials have declined and there are simply insufficient numbers for the number of competitions that now take place – there is currently a plea out for officials at Counties this weekend.

Whilst we have, and are most appreciative of, a number of parent helpers, we are not awarded any points in competition for anyone who is not qualified to at least Level 1. As an example, the last home match we had for YDL LAG, the officials “scored” 55 points out of a total of 520, so they’re a significant proportion of the “earnings”.

Qualifying is relatively straight forward – it’s experience based and you need to do a minimum of 4 competitions, but need to cover long and short throws and jumps, in varying roles.
There is a 1½ hr H&S course and a 3hr Field discipline course which can be on separate occasions.
Best bit is that the course can be done after the experiences, so you can help officiate during this seasons competitions, then do the course in the Autumn and get your qualification.

I would urge, encourage, and ask any parent who is remotely interested, or feels able, to get involved and I can show you what you need to do to record your experiences.

Without sufficient numbers of officials, the competitions are not deemed to be reliably judged and the results are not allocated against the athletes.
Put simply, without officials, there are no competitions, however well the athletes might be coached."

Thank you.

James Charles

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