Details for the next race at Bletchingdon

Hi All

The next motavation will be at Bletchingdon on the 25th May at 7.30pm

Address:  Bletchingdon Recreation Ground, Oxford Road, Bletchingdon, OX5 3BS

Neither Andy or I will be able to make this motavation but according to the provisional marshal request list that I have received this week they do not want any marshals from Banbury in any case.  I will of course let you know if this changes.

I have been asked to pass on to our members the following message:


Please remind your members that they must bring their numbers from the last race as the same number will be used throughout the series. There is plenty of parking space in the field opposite so no need to enforce car sharing (but I will ask for that for the Combe races, where space is tight). Anyone leaving before the race has finished will be asked to turn right towards Hampton Poyle and Kidlington to avoid runners - competitors' cars must not be parked on the road.


Numbers not collected at Charlton will, of course, be ready for pick up at Bletchingdon. And we will have crepes available for sale!

I have also been asked to clear up some runners query on chip timings and placings, thought it was easier just to copy the whole email, see below.  In case some of you don't know, the Charlton experience he is referring to is that a few runners picked up their numbers on the night but didn't in fact run but they must have been close to the finish area with their number at the end as they got recorded - this didn't apply to any of our own runners.

Hope you all have a good race



Dear All,


This is just a brief note to let you know that I have talked to Sarah Bland at Tempo Events, and for the remaining races they expect to be able to lay a timing mat at the start so that every runner** will be able to know their "chip time".


**  The mats will need to be laid rather quickly just before the start without time for testing and adjustment, so there is a risk that some chips may be missed - also, I suspect that the "geometry" of the Combe II start might be problematic, so we'll see what can be done. However, the finish will have been tested and set up with the hindsight of the Charlton experience (and is backed up by hand recording and a video). So hopefully no "rogue finishers" either!


Several runners have written either to me or to Sarah to ask why there wasn't a timing mat at the start at Charlton, and whether the finish order shouldn't have been by chip time. The reason that "chip times" were not attempted at Charlton was that we wanted to be assured of an accurate record of the finish, given that there is always limited setup time for Motavation and that this was their first time timing with us. However, the finish order for our races will always remain the order in which runners cross the finish line.


I should be grateful if this could be explained to any of your members who query this.


Working on marshal numbers - will get that out in the next day or two.





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