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Special awards

Sullivan Salver 

This award is presented annually for outstanding service to the club.

It can only be awarded once to any recipient and is voted for by members of the committee.  Previous winners are:         

1978    D.  Woodman             1979=  Dave Hornsby             1979=  Lionel Gascoigne

1980    John Padbury              1981    John Rolland               1982    Maureen Rolland

1983    Karen Andrews           1984    Geoff Robinson          1985    Jim Armstrong

1986    Carol Vincent              1987    Dave Osborne             1988    Alan Vincent

1989    John Long                   1990    Nancy Long                1991    Dennis Kukainis

1992    Jackie Hubbard           1995    Linda Gibbs                1997    Geoff Smith

1998    Sandra Tanner             1999    George Hall                 2000    Russell Filshie

2001    Mike Hughes               2002    Ian Robinson               2003    Marie Boyd

2004    Ann Workman            2005    Alan Tanner                2006    Chris Bazeley

2007    Mick Hughes               2008    Sue Hillman                2009    Ros Kelling

2010    Doug Scott                  2011    Perriss Wilkins 

Services to Athletics (Rose Bowl) 

2002    Mick Hughes               2003    Geoff Robinson          2004    Alan Vincent

2005    Geoff Smith                2006    Sandra&Alan Tanner  2007    Ian Robinson

2008    Tom & Linda Gibbs    2009    Mike Hughes               2010    Ann Workman

2011    Phil Coy 

Tanner Award  (Unsung hero) M & F 

2009    Robin Beamish            Samantha Phillips

2010    Ian Robinson               Becky Pull

2011    AdamCrofts                Shannon Parker 

Nigel Braggins Road Running Award 

2010    Phil Coy

2011    Pete Newell

 From archive. The awards for 2001

Mike Hughes Sullivan salver
Cross country
Hannah Bryan (U11), Ian Timms, Amy Peacock (U13), Anthony Williams, Keyleigh Filshie (U15), Tim Wright (U17), Lorna King (U20), Simon Pritchard, Michelle Buzzard (Senior), Phil Coy (Vet 40), Jean Armstrong (Vet 45) and Geoff Smith (Vet 50).
Track & Field
Lloyd Bryan (U11), Jonathan Bean, Amy Peacock (U13), Anthony Williams, Kayleigh Filshie (U15), Sean Allwood, Leah Filshie (U17), Tim Wright, Lorna King (U20), Ian Robinson, Debbie Kukanis (Senior), Russell Filshie, Jackie Cunningham (Vet 40), Bruce Hendrie (Vet 50).
Banbury Harriers awards night 27th November 2009.
Our special guest was Mike Dalby, former national high jump coach, who has vast experience in all aspects of track and field from club to Olympic level.  Mike shared some of his stories, presented the awards and had a question and answer session afterwards.
U11 Nathan Grieveson, U13 James Wilson,   U15 –
U11 Samantha Philips, U13 Jennie Weston, U15 Shana Parker.
Cross country
U11 Luke Sherlock, U13 Tom Biegel, U15--, U17 Jacob Simmons, SM Tim Wright, V40 Simon Pritchard, V50 Andy Bartlett, V60 Bruce Hendrie.
U11 Amy Mobley, U13 Tory Mobley, U15 Connie McMillian, SW-, V35 Michelle Bartlett, V45 Ros Kelling.
Track & Field
U11 Stuart Howlett, U13 Liam Grieveson, U15 Edward Wilson, U17 Daniel Brown, U20 Rashid Olubaji, SM Garry Gennings, Vet Steve Walton.
U11 Rebecca Scott, U13 Tory Mobley, U15 Connie McMillian U17 Shana Parker, U20 Caitlin Bradley, SW Amy Peacock, Vet Julie Dixon.
Perpetual awards
Nigel Braggins Memorial for best road runner went to Michelle Bartlett.
Tanner female young athlete went to Samantha Phillips.
Tanner male young athlete went to Robin Beamish.
Perris Trophy for services to Athletics went to Mike Hughes.
Sullivan Salver for services to the club went to Roz Kelling.
We also gave out 25 certificates to athletes who have broken club records in all age groups in the past year.


Awards for 2009/10
Presenting the trophies Was Mick Jones. He is the 4th farthest British hammer thrower of all time, he has competed in the 1988 olympics and won gold in the 2002 Commonwealth games.

2009/10 Sportshall  
 U11 Stuart Howlett & Jessica Lay,   U13 Alfie Rowett & Shannon Parker,   U15 Bert Rowett & Jennie Weston.

2010 Track & Field  
 U11 Seb Hartwell & Rebecca Scott, U13 Nathan Grieveson & Sam Philips,U15 Edward Wilson & Jennie Weston   
U17 Sam Edwards  &   Connie McMillan,  U20 Jacob Simmons  &  tbc Senior Sam Hook &  Amy Peacock   
W35 Gemma Philips M40 Steve Walton  W45 Ros Kelling M50 - W55  - M60 Bruce Hendrie W65 Margaret Coombe   
2010 Tanner Award  Male  Ian Robinson          Female Becky Pull  
 Services to Athletics Rose Bowl   Ann Workman     
 Sullivan Salver                               Doug Scott  
 Braggins award for Road Running  Phil Coy

Cross Country 


U11 Lucy costle U13 Tory Mobley U15 Connie Mcmillian U17 Bucky Pull U20 Caitlin Bradley S/W Vicky Cunnington V35 Julie Dixon V45 Ros Kelling


U11 Gregor Kelling  U13 Logan Kelling, U15 Tom Biegel U17 - U20 - S/M Tim Wright, V40 Simon Pritchard, V50 Phil Coy V60 Glyn Pritchard 



Awards for 2010/11
Presenting the trophies Was Alan Vincent. Alan was a very prominent menber of Banbury Harriers in the 80s & 90s. He ran 3.03 for the marathon in 1984. After retiring from athletics he became a time keeper and is regarded as one of the best in the country.

 U11 Felex Noble & Rebecca Scott,   U13 Alfie Rowett & Sam Philips,   U15 Dan Houchen/Alex Brown & Jennie Weston.

Cross country

Girls/Women U11 Rebecca Scott  U13 Leah Dorman U15 Amy Mobley U17 Connie Mcmillian  U20 - S/W - V35 Michelle Bartlett V45 Ros Kelling
Boys/Men U11U13 Logan Kelling, U15 Tom Biegel U17 Lewis Dorman U20S/M Tim Wright, V40 Simon Pritchard, V50 Phil Coy V60 Bruce Hendrie 

Track & Field  
 U11 Charlie Yates & Victoria Harte, U13 Michael Quinn & Paige Cooper/Sophia Daenen U15 Liam Grieveson & Verity Babbs   
U17 Sam Edwards  &  Connie McMillan,  U20 Kyle Ennis & Rosie Kingston/Shana Parker, Senior Adam crofts & Georgina Newell   
W35 - M40 Perris Wilkins  W45 Ros Kelling M50W55  - M60 Bruce Hendrie W65 Margaret Coombe

 Perpetual awards 
Tanner Award Adam Crofts, Shannon Parker.  
Services to Athletics Rose Bowl   Phil Coy

Sullivan Salver                               Perriss Wilkins

 Braggins award for Road Running Pete Newell


 Awards for 2016 

Club Champs and Annual Award Ceremony 2016

At our Club Champs. on the 10th. September 2016 we were pleased to celebrate the performance of all our athletes throughout the last 12 months and the following age group awards were also announced.

It has been an impressive year with no fewer than 15 Club records broken during the 2016 Track and Field season and some outstanding performances in both X -Country and Road Running.

Under 11 (Quad kids)     Tilly Lainchbury  and Ethan Aldous

Under 13                           Tegan Armstrong and Christopher Charles

Under 15                             Emelina Darvell and Oskar Moyaert

Under 15 (X-Country)     Tia Williams and Skip Snelson

Under 17                          Emily Thompson and Seb Hartwell

Under 20                          Jess Cherry and Alfie Rowett

Senior/Vets.                     Lesley Williams and Bruce Hendrie

X - Country                       Rosie Weston and Tim Wright

Road Running                  Rebecca Beigel and Dave Hollidge


I would also like to thank all team managers, coaches, officials and parents for their commitment and support throughout the past twelve months

Doug Scott - Chairman, Banbury Harriers.


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