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Oxfordshire Indoor Sportshall League 

 Five or Six fixtures during the winter months providing competition for U11 through to U15 male and female.

All sportshall events start at 1.30pm with a warm up at 1.00pm.


Results for the 2019-20 season.

Bicester 20 Oct 2019. Results

Kidlington 17th Nov 2019 Results  

Witney 12th Jan 2020  Results

Wantage 09th Feb 2020 (Note Venue corrected)

Bicester 23th Feb  2020 (Note Date corrected)

Results for the 2018-19 season 

 Bicester 14 Oct 2018. Results

Kidlington 18th Nov Results

Witney 13th Jan 2019 Results

Bicester 10th Feb 2019 Results

Bicester 10th Mar  2019 Results  Records Mar 2019


Results for the 2017-18 season.

The latest records as of Oct 17 are HERE 

Bicester Sunday 15th October. Results are HERE

Kidlington Sunday 19th November. Results are HERE

Witney Sunday 14th January 2018. Results are HERE

Wantage Sunday 11th February 2018. 

Wheatley Sunday 11th March 2018. 


 Results for the 2016-17 season 


Results for round 1 at Bicester on 16th October.

Sportshall-Event1-2016-17-U11B.pdf  Sportshall-Event1-2016-17-U11G.pdf  Sportshall-Event1-2016-17-U13B.pdf  Sportshall-Event1-2016-17-U13G.pdf  Sportshall-Event1-2016-17-U15.pdf  Sportshall-Event1-2016-17-U15ALLROUNDER.pdf  Sportshall-Event1-2016-17NON-SCORING.pdf  Sportshall-Event1-2016-17RESULTS-BY-EVENT.pdf  Sportshall-Event1-2016-17RESULTS-SUMMARY.pdf

13th November at Kidlington 

Results for round 3 on15th January at Witney Sportshall-Event3-2016-17.xls 

19th February at Witney 

12th March at Wheatley 

Results for the 2015/16 season

Results for round 1 on 11th October at Bicester Event1Bicester2015-16.xls Sportshall-Records-Oct-15.xls

Results for round 2 on 8th November at Kidlington Results in exel or Results in pdf

Round 3 on 29th November at Witney Results in pdf   Sportshall records after Witney

Round 4 on 17th January 2016 at Witney Results in pdf   Records after 17th Jan

Round 5 on 07th February at Wheatley Results in pdf   Records after 07th Feb Note there were no records for this event.

Results for the 2014/15 season

Results for round 1 at Bicester 2014Sportshall-Event1.xls Results for round 2 at Kidlington Sportshall-Event-2-2014.xls Results for round 3 at Witney Sportshall-event3-2014-15.xis Results for round 4 at Witney Sportshall-Event4-2014-15.xls Results for round 5 at Wheatley Sportshall-Event5-2014-15.xls Latest record list after round 5 Sportshall-Records-Mar-15.xls 

Results for the 2013/14 season

Results for 20th October  round 1 in excel format Results for 17th November  round 2 in excel format. Results for 19th Jan at Witney round 3 in excel format    Results for round 4 on 9th February   round 4 in excel format Results for round 5 on 23rd of March round 5 in excel format

Results for the 2012/13 season 

Results for round 5 2012/13 Girls U13 Gu13 match 5 results march 2013.pdf    Boys U13Bu13 match 5 results march 2013.pdf   U15 results u15 match 5 results march 2013.pdf    U15 all round u15 all match 5 results march 2013.pdf     Overall results overall match 5 results march 2013.pdf   Printout printout match 5 results march 2013.pdf   Non Scoring non score match 5 results march 2013.pdf

Overall records after round 5 2013 records march 2013.pdf

Final rankings NS Speedbounce Bucester Mar 13.xls final rankingsFINAL Rankings 2013 rev 1.xls and county event rankings County Event rankings Final 2013 (version 1).xls

Results for 2011/12

Match 1 Bicester Sportshall - Event 1 - 2011.xls and speedbounce non scoring NS Speedbounce Bicester 11.xls Match 2 Bicester Sportshall - Event 2 - 2011.xls

Results for 2010/11

Match 1 Bicester Sportshall - Event 1 - 2010 results.xls Match 2 Kidlington Sportshall - Event 2 - 2010.xls Match 3 Witney Sportshall - Event 3 - 2010.xls Match 4 Wallingford Sportshall - Event 4 - 2010.xls Match 5 Oxford  Sportshall - Event 5 - 2010.xls

Also click here for the sportshall record list for 2011 Sportshall Records Mar 11.xls or Final overall Rankings 2011.xls orCounty Event rankings - after 5 mtgs.xls

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