The public has the right to expect the highest standards from Banbury Harriers AC, no matter how they come into contact with us. As a member of Banbury Harriers you will be expected to maintain those standards at all times when in contact with the public. 
To help us achieve this we have a Code of Conduct for ALL members which you must read and agree to. If under 16, it is important that your parents(s) / guardian(s) understand this Code of Conduct and the additional requirements of the Parents’ Code of Conduct, before you join.

  •  Members must maintain a polite and courteous manner at all times. 
  • During club activities and whilst wearing Banbury Harriers colours, all athletes must treat all members of the public with respect and consideration (this includes not making inappropriate references to race, gender, culture, sexual orientation, religion, disability or age).
  • All athletes will follow the guidance and instruction given to them by coaches and team managers.
  • There will be no smoking whilst at Banbury Harriers or during any club activity.
  • Inappropriate language or swearing will not be tolerated whilst at Banbury Harriers training sessions or events. 
  • Members must not take and/or misuse another person’s property including, but not limited to, mobile phones, cameras etc. without knowledge or permission. 
  • Bullying or offensive behaviour towards fellow athletes or coaches will not be tolerated. This includes ‘play-fighting’ or other inappropriate physical contact. 
  • Athletes and coaches will show the proper respect due to fellow athletes, volunteers, marshalls, judges and coaches. 

Failure to comply with the above Code of Conduct may result in suspension from club activities. Serious or repetitive misconduct may result in expulsion from the club. 

A Parent’s breach of the above Code of Conduct, or the Parents’ Code of Conduct, may result in verbal/written warning or suspension from club activities. The Club also retains the right to suspend or expel a junior athlete for breaches by the relevant parent.




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