Parents’/Guardians’ are expected to:

·         Ensure that any changes in the condition of the child’s health are reported to the coach prior to coaching sessions. Ensure the club has the current emergency contact details for you and another responsible adult.

·         Deliver and collect your child, punctually, to and from the coaching sessions/event. Please inform a member of the committee or coaching staff if there is an unavoidable problem. The club is unable to act as a ‘babysitting service’.

·         Inform the coach before a session if your child is to be collected early from a coaching session/competition and if so, by whom.

·         Ensure your child is properly and adequately attired for the training session/event, including all required equipment; appropriate clothing for possible weather changes, all relevant training kit.

·         Encourage your child to obey rules and teach them that they can only do their best. Do not force your child to participate in any session/competition.

·         Behave responsibly as a spectator at training and events and treat coaches/officials/team managers/committee members and spectators of yours and other clubs with due respect, meeting the UKA commitment to equality, diversity and inclusion.

·         Ensure that YOU do not use language that could be interpreted as offensive to others within the club/competition environment.

·         Ensure your child’s needs are met in terms of nutrition and listen to advice given from the Coach in relation what food and hydration is required.

·         Raise any concerns you have in an appropriate manner (Safeguarding Officer). Details of the club’s Safeguarding Officer can be found on your club website.

·         Not enter the competition area unless requested to do so.

·         Arrange a suitable time with the coach if you wish to have a discussion. When dealing with your child’s coach, treat the coach with respect and in the same manner, as you would wish to be treated.

·         Most of all help your child enjoy the sport to the best of their ability, ultimately, be Safe and have Fun!

N.B. Sanctions for the breach of the code by a parent/guardian may include a verbal/written warning or suspension from club activities. The club also has the right, under its constitution and code of conduct, to suspend or expel a junior athlete for breaches by the relevant parent.

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