The sheep story


I think Lisa had the wool pulled over her eyes by this one!
Running, a Rope, a Sheep and the Fire Brigade.....
On a sunny September morning, I joined Michelle and Andy on a run. We were running along the canal at Bankside, when we saw a lady and a man running along the other side on the canal path, almost sprinting (I wasn’t sure at first if they were trying to beat us by running at that pace), it turned out that they were sprinting and they were also holding a rope in their hands. They came over the bridge and explained to us that there was a Sheep stuck in the canal......
We ran into the next field and saw the sheep in the canal, poor thing looked like it was kind of 'stuck in the mud' - luckily the water only came up to its shoulders. I joked to Michelle 'maybe we will have to call the Fire Brigade' and as I said this, someone else was actually calling them.
We then saw the Fire Engine parked on Bankside on the road, we started running back to the previous field to direct them to us and Michelle ran up the hill in the field to reach them (after all there was no point us both getting out of breath). Then suddenly reality struck......OMG my hair was a right mess and sweaty.........I wanted to look my best! Anyway, when they got to me I went into 'excited talk, non-stop without taking a breath' mode and came out with all kinds of stupid comments, although they did humour me.
After their walk down the first field, over a fence and into the field where the sheep was, they put their ladder down (which they had to carry all that way) and other equipment ready to try and get this sheep out AND you will never guess what happened next..........
Straight away the sheep calmly turned the other way with its back to us and walked to the other side of the canal (the furthest point) and climbed out with ease! We had tried everything to coax this sheep out and could not believe how calmly it had turned around and climbed out upon seeing the firemen.
The next thing we know it is running (and it did run very fast - I never knew a sheep could run so fast!)  along the canal path and it just kept going. Andy tried sprinting the other side to catch up with it but it was too fast for him!   We never did know what happened to it, the canal goes to Oxford!
We felt 'silly as a sheep' after it tricked us and just got out!
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