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Below are some fun questions rather than just a load of pictures for you. There are no prizes but let me know what you think.

The answers are at the bottom of the page.

1) The questions are from a 5 year period but when?

2) Who is this good looking guy running the stroud half marathon? Shame about the vest! 







3) Who is this competing in every event possible?








4)who is this?





5) you should know who this is by now but what was our race from Leamington to Banbury

and I think this was taken at the last running of that race?




6) When looking for photos I came across these quotes in an article in the Banbury Guardian but what replaces the ******?

"The priority for an ******* is on a par with a dry ski slope and a skate board park"

"The ******** would be very expensive and used by a relatively small number of male enthusiasts?

7) You should know a few in this picture

 but how many can you name and what was our 10 mile race they are in?

Sorry about the punched holes.








8) How many can you name from this motley

 crew about to run the london Marathon.








9) in what race was this my running number?



10) Who are these three? I'm not sure about the year.










Click here for the answers















1) 1986 to 1990

2) Phil Coy in 1986

3) Ian Robinson in 1987

4) Perris Wilkins in 1988

5) Nigel Braggins running the AP20 in 1989 He recorded 1.59.27 over a hilly route, which, if the wind was against you it was there all the way I ran it the same year (end of November)& still remember the cold. It was called AP20 beacuse it was the race between Automotive Products factories in Leamington and Banbury. It had to close when the M40 was built cutting through the route.

6) Running track. At least Banbury got two out of three. A quote from 1990

7) Harriers  from the right. Nigel Braggins(43), John Shaw, Gareth Joiner(37), Terry Boss(10), Dave Taylor and I'm not sure about the rest. The race was the Don Sullivan 10 in 1989 starting and finishing in King's Sutton.























10) Ferg Gillies, Clive Rutland & John Padbury

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