I was looking at the Harriers website today and noticed that there are significant omissions from the Club's road running records. Most notable among these are Clive Rutland's time of 2:27 at the inaugural London Marathon in 1981. This would make Clive the fastest marathoner in the club's history, just bettering Ferg Gillies' 2:28 performance, which is currently listed in the records. Having known Clive personally around this time through our friendship as regular training partners and fellow Harriers, I am also aware that he recorded several other fast times (sub 2 hours 30 mins) during the early 1980's.
Also, I recorded a personal best time of 2:29:30 on a Road Runners' Club accredited course, when finishing third in the Newbury Marathon on 4th April 1984 (certified).
I also have a time to my credit of 2:30:18 from the North Wales Coastal Marathon held in October 1983.
It is also noticeable from the records that both mine and Clive Rutland's best times at other distances are not included. Clive's PB's at 10 miles, 15 miles and 20 miles would put him very high, if not top of the listings although the exact details would be known by him. My PB for 10 miles was 52:44 at the Reading Ten (in 1982). Also, I see that there is no mention of Geoff D'Oyly, who ran many very respectable times which would give him a high club ranking, at all road distances. Interestingly, Geoff, Clive and myself were selected to represent Oxfordshire at the Inter-Counties 20 Miles Championships in 1982, run concurrently with the Finchley 20 in that year. To qualify for this we had all achieved the qualifying standard in the AP Leamington to Banbury 20, which I believe was 1 hour 55.
I hope you do not mind my bringing these Old Harriers' performances to your attention as it would make a significant difference to the club's overall records if they were to be included. It would give me great satisfaction to at least have my marathon PB (see above) included in the records. Some further investigation would be necessary to unearth all of Clive Rutland's admirable personal achievements and similarly those of Geoff D'Oyly. I believe Geoff left the area some years ago although, as far as I know, Clive is still in Banbury. 
We all trained and competed in those days wholeheartedly and as loyal Banbury Harriers!
Yours sincerely,
Neil Moores.

Editors note. I are happy to correct any information on our website including club records. However, club records from the past are difficult and time consuming to find and confirm with many results (including the London marathon) being unavailable on the web. I am happy to take peoples word on their achievements and if any one can shed further light on the achievements above or any other omissions in our records please contact the web editor.   


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