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Banbury 5 mile race

The 2019 race will be on Tuesday 04th June 2019 starting at 7.45 pm.

To enter the Banbury 5 via Run Britain please follow the link HERE

To enter the Banbury 5 using a paper form download the EMGP universal entry form HERE

For more information on the East Midlands Grand Prix series as well as full results for individual races and the series follow the EMGP link. 

To enter the series using the paper entry form download the series entry HERE

To enter the series via Run Britain please follow the link HERE 

The course was re-measured in 2014 and the 2019 measurement certificate is here  

The full 2019 race licence is HERE

Please note that there are special circumstances involved in anyone wishing to run this years race series. The first race will now be Blisworth on 17 May with the series counting 5 from 7 races. You will still be able to enter Silverstone as part of the series entry but it will not count as they have had to move the race to 04th September 2019 starting at 6.30 pm. we hope you are still able to support all the races in the series. 

Thanks to Barry Cornelius for providing photographs of last years race and took the photo of Rebecca shown here.

As in 2014-18, Barry Cornelius plans to take photographs of this race for publication on his website and for possible use by the press, and by running you accept this. You will be able to download his photos free of charge. If you do not wish your image to appear as a significant part of any photograph that he publishes or provides, you should put a bold red cross across your race number. Also If you are under 18, please ensure that your parent/carer is happy for photos of you taken at the race to be published on the web. If you or your parent/carer do not wish photos of you to be published on the web, please ensure that there is a bold red cross across your race number.- felt tip pens will be provided at the Banbury Academy for this purpose. 

The Banbury 5 is a scenic one-lap course and is part of the East Midlands Grand Prix Series. For all information on the Banbury 5 including entry forms for any of the races in the grand prix series go to EMGP. Where you will find the results after the race. This is a link to the course map Banbury 5 map. The venue is Banbury school, Ruskin Road, Banbury OX16 9HY.

If you have all ready entered an individual series race you will have a number (there is a space for this on the entry form) but you still need to enter and pay for each race. However if you entered the series as a whole there is no need to enter or register, just turn up and run. 

If you have not done a series race this year then you will need a new number. Please note that we will not be posting out race numbers this year and they will be avaliable for collection on the day.

All races are run under UK Athletics Rules. (To clarify club entry rules. If you are a member of a club you must fill in your first claim club and UKA number in the boxes provided otherwise fill in "unattached" and pay the extra fee) (note added 11.05.15) The extra rules below apply to the Banbury 5 and any other race in the Grand Prix series.

  • THE WEARING OF PERSONAL STEREOS IS NOT PERMITTED IN ANY RACE IN THE SERIES. YOU RUN THE RISK OF DISQUALIFICATION. Note that this includes all forms of ear equipment that may be judged to reduce your ability to hear traffic and instructions. The only exceptions being medically supplied items such as hearing aids.
  • WHEELCHAIRS / HANDCYCLES – Silverstone 10k is the only race in the series that is suitable for Wheelchair / Handcycle athletes

 If you have any questions on the Banbury 5 not answered above please mail us Email link

 Follow this link for full results of the 2018 race.

 Barry Cornelius took 1461 photos so follow this link to view them.


Follow this link to a report by the Banbury Guardian written by Warren Harrison.



 Go to  2015 report for a report on the 2015 race

The report for the 2014 race is here 

Notable performances by our athletes in the 2013 race were:- Tom Offord 13th overall, Catlin Bradley 2nd lady, Ros Kelling 1st W50 and Glyn Pritchard 2nd V65. The first ladies team prize was won by Catlin, Ros and Patricia Duffy.



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