County championships


Oxon & Bucks track & field Championships

Please find a Prosectus/Entry Form for the 2014 County Championships. Please note the strict qualifications for entry (birth/home location in addition to being experienced in the event(s) being entered.

This is a County run event so please address any queries to them (contact info on, however you are expected to compete in Club Colours and will have to register as a Banbury Harrier.

This is for age groups U13 + as there is no Quad Kids this year, however U11's would benefit from visiting the event to get an idea of what happens.


Mark Yates

Club Secretary

 Please note that as in previous years the event will be split with the main championships on 24th and 25th May. The 3000m  for U13 to U17 will be on 28th May and the 5000m and 3000m walk will be on 4th June.

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